The rules of beatissimo

Every event in existence should have its own set of rules. And beatissimo is not exception. The following are the rules you must follow in order to avoid disqualification (and complete humiliation.)

Charting Rules

First of all, make sure your charts are properly keysounded, so no sabuns. Secondly, they must NEVER contain explicit media (e.g. grotesque, etc.) or sounds that may cause defamation issues. And thirdly, they must be COMPRESSED (along with the used keysounds) in either a zip file or a rar file, and be playable in BMS players. (eg Lunatic Rave 2, bemuse, beatoraja, etc.) Bust most importantly, ONLY DOUBLE PLAY CHARTS, FOR GOSH'S SAKE.


Song Rules

Your song can be either an original song made from scratch, a remix of a Touhou Project song (just remember to cite the song that you remixed and the game that it originated from.), or a remix of an existing BMS song. (You must get permission from the original author in order to remix the latter). And DON'T YOU DARE send an entry that is intended to either infringe copyright or to plagiarize other songs. Just DON'Tplease.


Just follow the dang rules, will ya?

This is a just friendly reminder that any entry that violates any or all of the aforementioned rules will be DISQUALIFIED at the moment's notice. You have been warned.


Impression Rules

-You can write impressions with multiple lines, or simple impressions called one-line impressions.

-Impressions without comment will be considered as simple votes.

-The points you can assign for an impression can range from between 100 points (the lowest possible score) and   5000 points (the highest possible score).

-Just please, do NOT post comments that are intended to be offensive to others, okay?